Learn How to Improve QuickBooks Reports

When you find difficult to manage your business expenses and payments, QuickBooks provide you the solution. It handles all your business accounts and expenses. It manages your bank accounts associated with your business, control the expenses, maintain payrolls, etc. No matter whether you are able to open your account or no, QuickBooks will continue its job. As it functions through cloud platform, you can operate your QuickBooks account from anywhere at any time. However, you will need all the reports to review your business accountancy.

The five important QuickBooks Reports

Often, bookkeepers who do a good job of keeping the books fail to consistently produce and distribute the necessary financial reports each day, week or month for company personnel to use in managing the business. In many cases, the process of preparing and printing dozens of reports is too time-consuming. QuickBooks Tech Support provides a solution called Process Multiple Reports, which enables users to group together dozens of reports (using the Memorize function) and print them all in a single step.

  • QuickBooks Reports for complete overview – This includes Profit & Loss Standard Report, Profit & Loss Class Report, Balance Sheet Class Report, Balance Sheet Standard Report, and Report of Cash Flows. These reports show the income and spending of the business.
  • QuickBooks Reports Customer Account Balance – This includes Open Invoices, Customer Balance Details, and Accounts Receivable Aging Summary Report. These reports show the charges and unpaid or due report on billing and provide detailed invoice and account balance of the customer.
  • QuickBooks Reports Account Payable / Monies Owned – This category includes Vendor Balance Detail Report, Purchases by Vendor Summary Report and Unpaid Bills Detail Report. These reports provide reports on transactions with vendors, purchases made from individual vendors and the bills and the payments to each vendor.
  • QuickBooks Reports for Account Activity – It includes reports of Transaction Detail by Account, which can be used to keep track of each individual transaction processed by a business.
  • QuickBooks Reports for Payroll – This includes Payroll Summary. This QuickBooks reporting tool allows users to keep track of employee payroll. This report will display total wages, taxes, deductions, and other important figures as specified.

Tips to improve reports

QuickBooks Technical Support team has been continuously working hard at improving reports to make them more professional looking, and easier to customize and save. Now you can turn on improved QuickBooks reports from the QuickBooks lab. Click ‘Gear’, go to ‘QuickBooks Labs’ and turn on ‘Redesigned Reports’. Now you are ready to explore the improvements. Click on the ‘Reports’ in the left navbar and click on any report you want to access. You will get few new additions there. Top of the page you will get ‘Easily access common options’. ‘Customize’ option now includes ‘Display more options’. You can quickly ‘expand / collapse line items’ on the report. ‘Add notes’ to make your report more detailed, such as you can add additional commentary about business performance to a P&L report. You can click on ‘edit header’ to show a logo and change the report title and subtitle. If you are willing to get a softcopy of the report, you are now allowed to ‘export report to PDF format’ and you are enable to email it. QuickBooks added new reports in its list, such as Profit and Loss by Month, Profit and Loss % of Total Income and Quarterly Profit and Loss Summary.

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