EDI App for QuickBooks Desktop and Online Versions

TPSynergy today announced its EDI App for QuickBooks customers. This app reduces manual data entry work in QuickBooks

EDI stands for Electronic Data Integration. Many large customers like Amazon, Target, Home Depot will send purchase orders to its customers only through EDI. These orders are to be keyed into QuickBooks manually.

Procedure Intensive process

Manually entering data into QuickBooks is a painful and time consuming process. If the purchase order has many line items, all the items are to be entered with the correct quantity and dates. There are many chances for data errors.

TPSynergy reduces the pain and saves time and money.

TPSynergy is making this process of EDI orders fully automated. Customer EDI orders are directly posted into QuickBooks automatically. Once the orders are shipped, invoices are also posted automatically into QuickBooks Support This makes the process fully automated and touch free.

TPSynergy is a Intuit QuickBooks Certified app listed on the Intuit website.

  1. Intuit Certified App
  2. Fully Integrated EDI App

TPSynergy is a fully integrated App with integrations to various systems like inventory management software, accounting software and reporting software. As the data is centralized, received and processed from various channels, duplication of data entry is avoided, improving accuracy of data and reduced cycle time.

Affordable EDI App for Small and Medium Business.

Till now, order automation and EDI software were affordable only to large business. It used to cost thousands of dollars and in house IT expertise to support such system. TPSynergy breaks that barrier by making a quality automation software affordable and easy to use. With an initial investment of less than a thousand dollars and monthly expenses of few hundred dollars, the order processing is fully automated.

Barcode Label Printing and Shipping Labels Printing

Many EDI customers require that the supplier ship their products with pre-printed bar code labels so that it can be easily scanned at the warehouses. These labels are to be in specific format. TPSynergy App creates the barcode labels according to the specifications recommended by Amazon.

Also as TPSynergy EDI App is integrated to small parcel shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, etc. to generate shipping labels automatically at the time of shipping. This avoids double data entry of shipping address into the shipping system to create labels.

Efficient Process and Benefits

The order fulfilment process with the TPSynergy EDI App reduces manual data entry work and avoids any mistakes on the part of the supplier.

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