QuickBooks Pro Support for Installation & Upgrade

Intuit Inc., based at California, USA, launched its versatile accounting software pack named QuickBooks. QuickBooks solutions are meant to fulfill the needs of small and medium-sized business organizations. The accounting applications and cloud-based versions of QuickBooks are ideal to handle business payments, pay bills, inventory, sales, payroll and other similar functions.

If you want to install QuickBooks then adopt the following process apart from seeking help from QuickBooks Pro Support:

Step 1: Ensure smooth running of your computer with new software. If you are using:

A Windows computer?

Click the QuickBooks version you are installing to verify system requirements

  • System requirements for QuickBooks 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013

A Mac?

Click the QuickBooks version you are installing to verify system requirements

  • System requirements for QuickBooks for Mac 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013

A Linux machine?

  • System requirements for Linux Database Server Manager

Step 2: Well done! Bring out the license and product numbers.

  1. If installing this version of QuickBooks for the first time:
  • Verify the purchase confirmation email received from Intuit before you download.
  • If you bought QuickBooks on CD, Note down the scratch-off label on original packaging (Next to the UPC code)
  • For ProAdvisor, go to the member support site for installation codes.
  1. If you have registered your QuickBooks software earlier then get help finding your license number or key code with QuickBooks License Look Up Tool.

Step 3: Nice, ready to install!

To Download QuickBooks from an Intuit website:

Step 1: Open the QuickBooks support site on your browser.

Step 2: Select Choose a different product and click on your desired product (Note: A ProAdvisor, will click on the link below the Download button).

Step 3: Click Download button.

Step 4: As per your web browser, you have to:

  1. Click on Setup_QuickBooks (usually given at bottom of your screen), or
  2. Go to your Downloads folder and Double-click Setup_QuickBooks.

Step 5: Then, click on the Install Instructions given below.

Install from a CD

Step 1: Insert the QuickBooks installation CD and get started (automatically launches the installation process).

Step 2: Click the Install Instructions to select your QuickBooks version.

To update QuickBooks

QuickBooks need regular updates or download from the Intuit website on internet. Known as maintenance releases or “patches” (or payroll updates for QuickBooks Payroll customers), these updates are free product releases improving program functionality and troubleshooting.

There are four methods for downloading QuickBooks updates from the Internet.

Once downloaded the QuickBooks update, the next time you start QuickBooks, it will automatically install the update.

Install the update on every computer that has QuickBooks or Premier installed in multi-user mode. 1. Manual Update Method

  1. Automatic Update Method (default setting)
  2. On-Demand (Immediate) Update Method
  3. Release Download Method

Updates for Multi-User Mode in QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier

For updating QuickBooks or Premier in multi-user mode, install the update on each computer that is running QuickBooks or Premier installed on it. You either connect each computer to the internet or download the update at one of your network computers and share it.

For sharing an update of all QuickBooks or Premier on your network, follow these steps:

Go to the shared company file.

Open up the Help menu and click on Update QuickBooks.

Now, Click the Options tab.

Then you have to Set the Share Download option to Yes.

Finally, Click the Save button

Once completed, the downloaded updates will be distributed to all users on your network.

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