How to Fix Email Errors in Quickbooks

QuickBooks is like an essential need of small and medium businesses. It is like a soul for a successful business. But, a common error normally occurs while we use QuickBooks. This issue is related to emails. It is among the most common error of QuickBooks. There can be numerous reasons for this breakdown.

  • Error: QuickBooks is not able to send emails.

Reason for this error:

  • Incorrect email settings

Best and easy solutions for this error:

In this article, you will get 3 best ever solutions to get rid of this problem very easily. If you still face this error, contact QuickBooks Support for better help. Here we are suggesting you these solutions for the issue. These solutions are:

  • SOLUTION: 1 (QuickBooks)

Firstly, check all the settings of your email and check its preferences as well. Make sure that all the preferences and settings are correct in QuickBooks. Incorrect or inappropriate settings are the main cause for QuickBooks Email Error.

  • After this, select MY PREFERENCES option and choose SEND E-MAIL USING and click OK button
  • Now, close QB and all programs.
  • Restart your Windows first and then QuickBooks
  • Now, e-mail the transaction

With these simple steps, you can fix this issue. But, if this issue still occurs then try our solution number two.

  • SOLUTION: 2 (Internet Explorer)

In this step, you have to check and set the preferences correctly in IE (Internet Explorer)

  • Close the QuickBooks
  • Now open IE (Internet Explorer)
  • Choose the option of TOOLS and select INTERNET OPTIONS
  • Select and click on the PROGRAMS button (In this tab, you have to make sure that all the settings and default settings are correctly selected. Choose appropriate options in this tab and follow further steps.)
  • Close the IE and open QuickBooks
  • Lastly, e-mail the transaction.

With this solution, your problem definitely resolves. Still, this error occurs; follow our 3rd solution for better results and effective outcomes.


In this step, you have to pin the all e-mail preferences and settings. Now, follow these easy and simple steps.

  • Select MY PREFERENCES option and choose QuickBooks E-mail and lastly click on OK button
  • Now, select EDIT and PREFERENCES
  • Choose the option of OUTLOOK and select OK button
  • Now, e-mail the transaction.

With these 3 simple solutions, you can resolve this issue of QuickBooks. If you feel any difficulty then you can directly contact to QuickBooks Support to get assistance from highly skilled and qualified professionals. They provide the best solutions for every issue.

QuickBooks also offers online support services and telephonic assistance to resolve all the unnecessary errors. They are available 24/7, round the clock to serve you best. To get your QuickBooks software back in action, contact QuickBooks customer support and get instant and quick solutions.