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Intuit Inc. of California, USA, launched a versatile accounting software solution named QuickBooks. QuickBooks solutions fulfill the accounting needs of diverse business organizations. The accounting applications and cloud-based versions of QuickBooks are well capable to deal with pay bills, business payments, payroll, inventory, sales and other similar tasks. However, every program uses a different type of database and QuickBooks for Macintosh does not feature any Accountant’s Copy. Resultantly, round tripping becomes an inevitable practice to change Mac QuickBooks file into a Windows QuickBooks file at accountant’s end. Round tripping involves transfer of a Mac QuickBooks file into a Windows QuickBooks file. Although a set process implements round tripping, still you can contact Quickbooks Customer Help or Quickbooks Customer Services in case you have any doubt.

In order to convert Mac to Windows or Windows to Mac Quickbooks you can follow the steps as given below:

Converting Window to Mac

While implementing transfer process, make sure that Mac version of QuickBooks is already installed in your Mac computer. Macintosh computer does not support the Windows version of QuickBooks. Before you start the transfer process, make sure that you have created backup data for this file. Now click the “File” menu to convert the file. Select “Utilities” and you get the option – “Copy Company File for QuickBooks for Mac.” Now transfer this file to you Macintosh machine via Hard Drive, DVD, Flash Drive or emails etc. Once the file is transferred to your Mac computer, you can open the file using your Mac version of QuickBooks. Now check your data including customer, vendor, accounts and inventory lists ensuring everything is transferred properly.

Converting Mac to Window

Similarly, when you decide to convert your Mac version of QuickBooks into Windows then ensure that your system is installed with latest version of QuickBooks for Windows. It is always recommended to create a backup file in order to secure your data. Now open the company file in QuickBooks for Mac and go to “File” and select “Export” and you get “To QuickBooks for Windows.” Now name the file and select a location where you want to save your converted file. After you have created the backup for Windows, you can locate you file by clicking “Show File” in “Finder” in your computer. QuickBooks also generates an Instructional PDF file with same name in same location as your company file. Now send this backup to the Windows computer through Hard Drive, DVD, Flash Drive, FTP website or any other secure transferring device. Now check if entire data is properly transferred to your Windows computer.

However, certain circumstances may arise when you are unable to implement such conversions from Mac to Windows or Windows to Mac of QuickBooks. To overcome such circumstances, you can take help from Quickbooks Customer Help or Quickbooks Customer Services.

The Quickbooks Customer Help or Quickbooks Customer Services offers you round the clock customer support to help you with solving your queries. You can avail alternative means to contact Quickbooks Customer Services and Quickbooks Customer Help including phone call, mail or chat.

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