How to Solve Multi User Bugs in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2015

QuickBooks Enterprise is software which is designed to help us manage our business needs quite effectively and easily. Either you’re new to business  software or already an existing QuickBooks customer, QuickBooks Enterprise makes it easy to run your day to day business related problems.

QuickBooks are of great help on our day to day life and business related problems.

Bug report issue:

Closing the QuickBooks before closing all exported Office Spreadsheet or document will completely leave Excel or the word like an orphan without any support. It will force you to restart the system and possibly you may lose the data to other spreadsheets or documents you had open.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solution 2015

How to Re-Create the Bug Issue:

  1. Keep working on the excel sheet and word document and keep them open
  2. Get interrupted by someone who needs you from the QuickBooks so that you could generate a report for them. 
  3. Open QuickBooks or task switch to it.
  4. Generate QuickBooks export to the excel spreadsheet or generate a word document if you are sending out the notices
  5. Before closing the generated spread sheet or the word document, close QuickBooks and leave the left over child open
  6. Now make an attempt to close the the orphaned child spread sheet or the document. The word grinds away at this task which is never finishing
  7. Now you can try to do anything with your previously opened spread sheet or a document file. The will suffer a similar consequence
  8. Forced restart will bring back the order to the universe but you are likely to loose any recent work you are doing on the excel sheet or word document

Always keep a note that when you re start the QuickBooks at point number 7, still does not return the control to Excel sheet or the Word. Please do not forget to add code into your QuickBooks exit routine, it looks for any orphaned spread sheet or the document and notifies the user to do something about it. If you are calling COM object in the other program then make sure that you do the right things and close then down when your program exists.

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