How to Record, Delete or Edit a Sales Tax Payment in QuickBooks Accounting Software.

As one collects sales tax from customer they will want to see the amounts of sales tax they owe to tax agencies time to time. In the sales tax centre one can view a report about sales tax liability and one can record the sales tax payments. Sales Tax Centre is pin of the best place to record sales tax payments because one could see all their recent payment on just a single page.

You can easily view your sales tax owned by month, quarter a year and the period you need. You can even adjust your accounting basis.

How to view the sales tax liability report:

  • Choose the menu sales tax from the left
  • Click View sales tax liability report under related taxes
  • Then the report will show each agency, the taxable amount and the tax owed.

Add Sales Tax Payment in QuickBooks

How to record tax payment:

  • From the menu on the left choose Sales Tax
  • In the sales tax owned list select the tax agency of the payment
  • Then click on record tax payment at the bottom of the list

Some of the specific information to be entered:

  • The bank account from which you are making the payment
  • The date of payment
  • The ending data of the tax period
  • The amount of the tax being paid
  • If you desire to make an adjustment to the amount, select make adjustment and enter the information about the adjustment
  • Any particular note about the payment you want to make
  • Then click on record tax payment

How to delete a tax payment:

  • From the menu on the left choose Sales tax
  • Highlight the payment in question under recent sales tax payments
  • Click on delete payment
  • Then click on yes on the confirmation screen

After deleting, this page does not refreshes. Do not try to delete the payment again, this may display the error message. The error says, it has already been deleted. So as to confirm that the payment is successful, exit and then return to the sales tax centre.

How to edit a tax payment amount: QuickBooks online does not allow you to edit a tax payment. You will have to delete the payment and record a new one. Use the preceding step to delete and then to record a new payment.

How to view a report of all your sales tax payments:

  • From the menu on the left choose Sales Tax
  • Click view all, under recent sales tax payments

You will be taken to a transaction report that has all the sales tax payments. You can easily adjust the date and range. Click on Customize to further narrow the report for our needs.

Steps to fix the troubleshoot:

  • Click on the G ear icon
  • Click on the Company setting and Account and setting
  • Select on advanced on the left side menu
  • Click on the pencil icon to the right of accounting
  • UN-check and close the boxes
  • Select save and then select done

If the transaction was not matched with the banking download, attempt to delete the tax payment again. QuickBooks Customer Support NumberĀ 1-865-407-2488 is available 24*7 for your assistance. QuickBooks customer support is accessible from any corner of the world. All the above mentioned points make clears us about how to update QB Software. QuickBooks technical support number has skilled technicians who access our systems remotely.