“QuickBooks Has Stopped Working” Error. QuickBooks Won’t Open

As soon as you click to open a company file, you will get to see this message ‘QuickBooks is not responding.’ In this case the computer appears to be locked up and the cursor seems to be like an hour glass.Whenever you see this condition the task manager may indicate that the QuickBooks is not responding.

Do not click the end task at least for 10 minutes then even if the same error continues then you can be sure that QuickBooks will not continue. A possible reason for this may be your memorized transaction list which contains damaged memorized transactions.

QuickBooks Has Stopped Working

Ways to fix it:

Sample company test:

  1. Desktop has to be suppressed and restart the QuickBooks.
  2. Open a sample company: from the no company open window then select the first company from the Open a sample file menu drop down menu.
  3. Go to the edit menu and select Preferences, Desktop View and My preferences.
  4. Choose your choice but do not save it in your Desktop, and then click ok.
  5. Try to open the problem creating company again from the file menu.
    If you are able to open the sample company file without QuickBooks locking up, but the problem company is failing. continue the trouble shoot

Use QuickBooks file doctor:

  1. Download the QuickBooks File Doctor and install as per the instruction given
  2. Open it and browse to the company file
  3. Follow every single on screen prompts
  4. If the QuickBooks file does not find any problem, or any kind of repair damage then your QuickBooks company file will not start, then you will have to continue trouble shooting.

Some of the trouble shooting damaged memorized transactions:

  1. With the closed QuickBooks, you will have to double click on the time displayed in the windows task bar and reset the system to the date back by one year .
  2. Start the QuickBooks and open the company file.
  3. Select list in the menu bar and then memorize the transaction list.
  4. Select view in the menu bar and then resort the list.
  5. Then you will have to review the list to see which transactions contains the check mark in the auto column. Double click on any one of them.
  6. As soon as the transaction opens print it for future use. After printing be sure to close it without saving. Repeat this for each transaction that has an automatic setting.
  7. Delete the memorized transactions which have automatic entry settings.
  8. Then select delete memorized transaction.
  9. Exit QuickBooks.
  10. Now reset the system date and timing.
  11. Start QuickBooks.
  12. Re open the company file which has the lock up issue.
  13. If the company file opens up properly, re enter the deleted memorized transaction using the print copies as a reference.

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