Quick Solutions for QuickBooks Credit Card Errors

QuickBooks has been used by thousands of our clients, but most of them are not using it  correctly, especially when we talk about QuickBooks Credit Card, we found most of the queries based on it.

First there is a need to discuss the term credit card: are you using credit card as a form of payment from customers or using it to pay someone else? Because based on this your information would be entered into QuickBooks Online Software properly.

Another important thing is that when you accept credit cards, you need to pay fees for everything from the setup to the processing and customer service. So it’s important to find the right merchant service provider for your business.

Common errors:

•    One of the common error is that only the amount to be paid is entered into QuickBooks with some type of ‘guesstimate‘ of how the payment should be allocated.
•    Accounts Payable were used to enter bills for revolving debt balances.
•    Balance is a single entry in the expense account.
•    Credit card balances were not reconciled in QuickBooks at all.

You will find all these common errors when you contact our QuickBooks Error Support.

•    Accounts payable balance seems high with numerous credit card bills.
•    Expenses seem unreasonably high.
•    Credit card register balance only increases.
•    The bank account balance looks appears correct.


1.    Look for a provider

When you look for a provider, choose a provider that will help you to grow your business. Always remember to choose an integrated payment solution that can save your time and money by reducing duplicate data entry and errors. Then try to understand all the fees involved and before signing any vendor contract or application , properly read the fine prints and try to learn different types of processing rates and find out whether the provider charges for terminating your contract.

By learning how to reduce your processing costs, you can get more out of credit card processing without breaking the bank if you learn how to reduce your processing costs.

2.    Right Merchant Account

For accepting the credit card payments, you need to set up the right merchant account. Choose the appropriate account according to your business by asking questions or by doing research and surveys. Each account has its own rate and qualification requirements.

3.    Credit Card Processing Rates and Fees  

Beware about the rates per transaction as they are determined by your personal and business risk. Be sure that you understand the rates and qualifications for the business you conduct. There are different rate schemes like Qualified rate, Mid-qualified rate, Non-qualified rate. To get the details about all these processing rates you can access QuickBooks Online Software.

Then you must know about the  interchange fees which is a percentage of the transaction that helps to cover authorization costs, fraud, and credit losses. Ask your provider whether you have to  pay the interchange fee that will prevent you from paying more than you need to and help you keep better track of your transaction costs.

For different problems , our QuickBooks Error Support team provides different solutions.You can have a quick user guide on  QuickBooks Online Software, which will provide you the guidelines as how to use it correctly. You can also read discussions and post messages and questions related to your issue to our QuickBooks Error Support team which is always available for you.

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