Learn How to Merge Two Companies in Quickbooks

What is Quickbooks?

Every company whether it is small or big always needs an accounting tool or software that would help them in accounting. QuickBooks is such an accounting tool that is popular among medium level companies and their innovative features is the main reason for their popularity. It offers accounting application like on-premises that works with payrolls, various payment, bill payment and management. It also provides cloud service integrated with its online version.

QuickBook offers series of features like electronic payment, remote access, remote assistance and outsourcing of payroll, banking facility using online assist, Google Maps for the map, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and using Google for marketing. An employee can combine data of different company using this tool even if the `files of the companies are stored in separate data files of QuickBooks. QuickBooks provide quickbooks support which a customer can access from the manual or quickbooks support phone number tab on their website.

Causes for Joining Files in QuickBooks   

An employer or employee might need to join files of two companies in QuickBooks and this could be because of many reasons. If someone has difficulty in performing such action, then they ask for assistance just by using quickbooks support phone number. The possible reasons for joining are as follows:

•    The company will have an enormous amount of official files in their office which needed to organized according to their attributes. Then for maintaining those files as a separate record as a legal entity, QuickBooks is required. This will help them to keep a clear record of each official data which will help them in future.
•    Large companies always have numerous amount of transaction, but it is not easy to keep all transaction record from a single file as it would cause in reaching the limit bar. But QuickBooks will help the company to avoid any such situation and keep purchase process.
•    If a company opens their new branch in a new location which would operate in the same
pattern as the parent company. Then QuickBooks will be needed for joining because the new branch will be under different LLC than its parent corporation.

The Process of Combining Two Company Files Using QuickBooks

Any official of a company can combine two files if they follow the following steps:

•    In the beginning, one has open QuickBooks and from there they have to open the desired file of the first company which they want to join.
•    After opening the up the file of the first company, then they need to click on the report located main menu tab and from there opt for the combining report option.
•    After choosing that option, one has to select add files option which helps in adding another file of the second company.
•    After opening both the files, one has to choose the file which would be needed for combining.
•    Then one has the mention the data choices for the fields and forms.
•    After completing everything, one has press on combine reports in excel option which would help in portraying the joint reports in the Excel sheet.

This process in on the easiest way for combining two reports using QuickBooks support software and it would ease any accounting crisis in two companies.

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