5 Tips For The Brilliant Invoicing Solution For Freelancers

Freelancing and receive money by means of it is a joyful experience. But the management of invoices won’t be having such a charm as it is quite complicated as far as most of the freelancers are concerned. They love their job. They need to get paid for their work. But most of the time it is not an easy venture to produce accurate and timely invoices with all the necessary features in the invoices. So here come the relevance of these tips I am giving now.

  • 1. Use an invoicing software: The first and most important thing you need as a busy freelancer is a perfect invoicing software like Cloud Books. They can manage your account, create the invoices with all the required features and they can do the time tracking also. So you have to trust an invoicing software and need to make it part of your freelancing system.
  • 2. Be clear about your policiesAll of your clients may not be in the habit of paying you timely, soon after the completion of a work. Some may even disappear after paying you only half of the owed amount. Some may even refuse to pay. In order to avoid such scenarios, you should have some policies about the payments. In this policy you require aspects like payment mode, an amount as a down payment, your stand about the beginning of work without receiving a down payment, the days you wait to get the payment, penalties for late payment, submission of the final work etc. When you are taking a new client make these policies clear and move accordingly.
  • 3. Keeping up the policiesOnce your client agreed with your policies, you have to be strict in keeping them. If they are late to make the payments, you have the right to add penalty payment or whatever condition you have on your policy, to include on your invoices. You adherence with the policy will create a good impression with your clients and you may likely to get more work.
  • 4. Make your charges rightTake care not to overcharge or undercharge for your services. Both will reduce your credibility. So be aware of the pricing range in your field of work and go according to that rate. By doing that you won’t make any enemies from the same field because of your lower charge and you never lose a client because of a high price.
  • 5. Be clear about the mode of paymentYou have to be clear about the method of payment for the rendered services to the clients. If you are using a software like CloudBooks to do your invoicing, the mode of payment options are linked with that and you can choose the preferred one which also convenient for your client. You can give the due date for the payment in advance and provide your contact details if your client needed to clarify anything with you. For making the process easy you need to give a number to each of your invoices and should maintain a record of all the invoices for future reference. If you are using an invoicing solution like CloudBooks platform, all these will become part of your working system and that will make the whole process less complicated.

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